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 The 5K to Half Marathon Program - This 6 module course will teach you how to run with joy and confidence, create healthy running habits, and stay injury-free. Reach your training and racing goals with the right guidance from A to Z. ($297)
 Training Schedules for 5k, 10k and half marathons - for absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes. With base building and race-specific workout options. ($297)
 The Private Facebook & Strava Groups - Get the support you need and become part of the family with supportive runners. Connect with other like-minded athletes around the world and never feel alone. 


  • Live ZOOM Support - Get access to 4 weeks of Live support as Floris and his team walk you through the program. Ask any questions about the program you may have. ($197)
  • Cheat Sheet from Floris - “Holistic Running Cheat Sheet.” This is a great tool with simple strategies to help you create healthy habits for training, racing and healthy living. ($97)
  • E-Book by Floris - “Progress with MAF Training.” We all experience set-backs, frustrations and challenges in our running journey. This is a deep dive into several scenarios and proven solutions and steps to take to overcome set-backs. ($97)
  • ​​73 Key Takeaways + Transcripts from Dr. Phil Maffetone Podcasts - Floris interviewed Dr. Phil Maffetone twice on The Extramilest Show. These takeaways and transcripts are incredibly valuable for any athlete looking to improve. ($97)
  • ​​2 Hour ​Video Interviews with Floris's Running Coaches - Jimmy Dean Freeman and Kate Martini Freeman have combined coached more than 2000 athletes over 20 years. Deep dive into running progress, injuries, motivation and much more. ($97)
  • ​​Video "You Are What You Eat” - Floris takes you into his kitchen to take a close look at his daily nutrition with several recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Easy to implement right away in your own life. ($147)



Introducing the 5K to Half Marathon Program

5KHM is a proven and tested 4 module course that teaches you how to run the right way with joy and confidence, at running intensities that match your current level and future goals, using running techniques that are easy to implement and to reach your training and racing goals beyond your wildest dreams.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any running experience. Everything you need to know is provided in this training program by a great running coach with a proven track record.

Introducing The Training Schedules

These flexible schedules for 5k, 10k and half marathon distances can be directly applied to your own life circumstances. So you can select and customize your own schedule, depending on your current fitness level, running goals and available days and time to workout.

With our easy to follow Training Schedules you can begin working out sooner than you ever imagined.

The Perfect Course To Improve and Maintain Your Health During Uncertain Times! 

All videos are available for lifetime access so that you can replay them any time! 

The sessions come with worksheets and actionable tools to download and complete. 

The sessions are equipped with transcriptions you can download to follow along. 

Course Content & Schedule

What A Few Of Our Students Are Saying…

** These experiences are their opinion and are an example of those who have found satisfaction with our courses. They do not represent a guarantee of success. Your experiences may vary. These individuals have not received compensation for their statements!

Become A Part Of The Community...

Skip - “I'm enjoying running more now in the past four months than I have in my entire life. It's just so enjoyable. There are mornings I jump out of bed to get out of the door, get my son off to school so I can get running. I have joy. I never had joy running. Man, are you kidding me? I love the holistic approach. I'm really sold on it.”

Amelia - “I've really found that this program has been the most complete in terms of a holistic approach to running, to living. It takes a look at training, nutrition, diet, sleep, and all those other things that go into play when it comes down to being a healthy athlete and being ready for your competition.”

Walter - “There is so much information, tips, hints and learning material that everybody will benefit from. Be it a beginner in running who plans to do some racing one day up to an experienced runner. When getting stuck, the possibility to exchange with Floris or other amazing runners in the group is invaluable. This program is for everybody interested in becoming a healthier, stronger and more joyful runner.”

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

When will this course launch?
Several of the bonus items will be available right after your purchase. The program officially kicks off on July 1st, 2020. The course videos and materials will be released over a 31 day period throughout the month of July. The Facebook and Strava communities will launch on July 1st as well. Zoom Live coaching dates and times to be determined, we will set this up to facilitate different time zones. 
Do I have to be a good runner to join? 
This course is designed to work for those with zero running experience, AND it is also laid out to help those who are experienced, competitive or returning to the sport of running after an extensive break. Many of the fundamentals of this program can also be applied to trail running, multi-sport athletes (triathlon, duathlon) and those who use running as part of their active lifestyle. 
Will this course work in my country? 
We have members in our programs from all around the world. From all across the US, Canada, United Kingdom, all over Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and anywhere you can think of. As of today we have students in 39 countries using this approach to training, racing and life. 
What measuring system is used, metric or imperial?
We’ve tried our best to include both imperial and metric measuring systems for measurements, so paces and distances are described most of the time in miles and kilometers.
How can a course with videos offer me a training plan that is really customized and individualized?
The program includes flexible base building period that can be followed as long as you would like, from 1 week to 6 months or longer. This is a period where you run at a low intensity so at low heart rate. 

After the aerobic base building period has been completed and you have improved your fat burning abilities, there are different training schedules you can transition to that have the option to run sometimes at a higher intensity, so with higher heart rate. These race goals that we have developed training schedules for are 5k, 10k and half marathon for the levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

These are editable training schedules, so I’ll provide the templates, then athletes can move the workouts around and adjust frequency and duration based on available time to train, stress levels, fitness levels and fatigue levels. Workouts are mostly in time (minutes), not distance (miles / km).
Do I need to own any equipment?
To get the most out of this program, we highly recommend that you own or buy a GPS running watch and heart rate monitor, since several of the videos refer to heart rate training.
How is this training course different than other video courses or traditional running coaching?
This course is focused on a holistic approach to training, racing and overall health. Not just looking at the running component, but also teaching you to fully understand the other components of nutrition, lowering stress, having the right mindset and the best race day strategies. This course is focused on running most workouts at a low heart rate, with some added higher intensity workouts, drills, cross training and strength training integrated.

Many traditional running coaching programs prescribe certain paces for each run. The workouts during this program are more flexible and customizable to day to day life stress, current fitness and health profiles, available time to train. No need to kill yourself in training with many high intensity workouts to reach your goal. This video course teaches you a more enjoyable approach with a very high success rate of thousands of athletes worldwide.
Dr. Maffetone doesn’t offer training plans, because each athlete individual. How can you offer this?
I fully agree that each athlete should learn to listen to their body and adjust training plans accordingly to stress levels and life circumstances. I do however see that many athletes can benefit from specific training plan templates that can be modified to fit in their specific situation, based on available time, stress levels, race goals, fitness levels, etc. Combining this with the right mindset and clear race strategies based on HR and pace, and you have a strong formula for success.
How long are the training schedules?
This program includes the base building phase of 3 months (that can be adjusted shorter or longer) plus the main race specific training cycle of 8 weeks for 5K and 10K or 12 weeks for half marathon. 

During the base building phase, your workouts are at low intensity, so at low heart rate. Over time you will become faster while running at the same low heart rate.  

The race specific schedules should be followed AFTER a base building phase has been completed. The duration for the 5k and 10k schedules are 8 weeks, the duration for the half marathon schedules are 12 weeks. 

The two goals here are to improve aerobically and reach you peak at the right time before your specific goal. Remember, it’s a long game strategy. When you’re able to think further ahead with both a base building.

I fully believe every training schedule should be personalized to your race goals, fitness background, available time to train and life circumstances.

I will be providing the tools and templates for training schedules for:
● 5k distances (for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners)
● 10k distance (for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners)
● Half marathon distance (for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners)

I often hear things like “I want to run a fast race but I am nervous about losing speed by running at lower intensity or lower HR. I need clarification of exact speed workout details.”

For all running goals in this program, I will be providing speed workout details for the different stages of training and fitness levels.
Will every athlete succeed and reach their running goals?
To be honest, no. Reaching your full running potential and running a strong race requires some luck with things lining up for you and race day weather conditions. But I believe we all play with the cards we’re dealt, and with the right training framework and racing strategies, we can give ourselves every advantage to increase chances to reach our goals.

Every training cycle and race teaches us something new. Even if we don’t reach our race goal first try, it will help us grow as a stronger, healthier, happier athlete. When you have an open mind, train consistent and patiently, this course can absolutely help improve your chances to reach your goals. I have created a lot of content already and it’s great to read a lot of positive feedback and PR stories from around the world.

For those looking for additional guidance, I’m convinced this video course can provide you with a lot of tools to increase your chances of reaching your goals.

Absolute Satisfaction Warranty

There are a lot of excellent materials in this course and I want to make sure this program is really working for you. If you are still unsure about joining, we offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee. Try the program and if you’re not happy with it, ask for a refund within 60-days and we’ll take care of that. You have absolutely nothing to lose here, and have everything to gain!

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

This course won't work if you don't put in the work. If for some reason, you aren't on your way to real success in the first 60 days, email us and we will take care of your refund!